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Groundworks and underpinning contractors in Orpington

Serving Bromley, Sevenoaks, Kent and beyond, we take on a range of groundworks and underpinning projects at Ace Underpinning, bringing a customer-focused approach and over 50 years' combined experience. Get in touch to discuss.

Groundworks & Underpinning: Welcome

A complete groundworks and underpinning service

Are you looking to extend your property? Perhaps your existing property is showing signs of subsidence? Whatever the context, you need a professional solution and that's what we can provide at Ace Underpinning. From drainage and basement excavation to underpinning and house build work, we have the skills and the resources to deliver the right results for your project. It all begins with a free survey and inspection, where we can provide informed guidance as well as a free, no obligation quote. Our efficient service ensures completion in a timely manner and you never pay over the odds either. Get in touch to start the process.


At Ace Underpinning Ltd, we excavate quickly and efficiently to resolve a host of issues, such as weak house foundations or drainage problems. Our team operate leading machines to remove topsoil, so as to reveal any unseen problems waiting below the surface. We deliver fast solutions for each challenge and can explain them in detail for your peace of mind.

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As trusted groundwork contractors, we build new basements for homeowners anywhere across Kent. Whether it’s a new basement for your current home or as part of a new build project, our experts construct safe, warm and durable spaces, complete with damp proof courses for lasting quality.

Drainage work

All homes need a good drainage system. We can rectify any damaged drains at a reasonable rate and can install a full replacement as needed. If you notice slow-draining water in the home or need a drainage system for a new house build, call our professionals today.

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Retaining walls

Often seen in gardens across the Kent region, retaining walls hold back the soil to create visual interest and a nicer outdoor environment. These walls remove the slope of a garden to enable the addition of new patios, pathways and other visual features.

Groundworks & Underpinning: Services

Foundations and underpinning

House foundations that suffer from subsidence may begin to sink. This causes cracks to appear, doors to stick and can impact the safety of the home. Our groundwork contractors install foundations for new builds and can underpin a home for greater stability, with up to 10-year guarantees in place.

Groundworks & Underpinning: Features
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When is underpinning necessary?

Our groundwork contractors underpin homes for a variety of reasons. This includes a change in soil condition or the rectification of poorly installed foundations or a weakened structure that can no longer support the home. If you’re looking to add a new floor to your house, then your house foundations will need to bear the extra load. We make sure all foundations efficiently spread the weight into the soil below.

Loosely packed soil and nearby excavation work can lead to subsidence. Key signs include stuck doors, large cracks over 3mm wide and rippling wallpaper.

I think you’d be very hard pushed to find better groundworkers than Ace Underpinning. Tony and his team finished well ahead of schedule and the work was carried out to an extremely high standard. Highly recommended.

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If you need a groundworks or underpinning service then call our team at Ace Underpinning on 07956 437581 to book a free initial site visit!

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